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Hi, we are Elizabeth and Josh, and we want you to come visit Breckenridge.

Josh and Elizabeth

About Access Breck

Our mission is to provide you unique experiences and useful information to simplify and take the stress out of planning the perfect trip to match your individual accessibility needs so that you can simply enjoy the beauty and adventure of a place where you can live and vacation like a local.

Who We Are

We are Josh and Elizabeth. We love to adventure, and we believe attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. We love doing things a bit differently. We love living in Breck. We love our crazy schedules because Mondays don’t feel like Mondays (most of the time). We love traveling, and some of our favorite destinations have been Eastern Africa, Guatemala, Mexico (Holbox, San Cristobal, Mexico City), and Vietnam. Our favorite parts about traveling are meeting new people and DEFINITELY the food. We love being outside, whether it’s exploring or relaxing in our favorite hamaca.

I recently took a new job Occupational Therapist at the hospital in Vail, CO after balancing 5 different “as needed” jobs to have more stability and spend more time where my heart is – in the mountains. In my 10 years as an OT, I have worked in many different settings (hospitals, rehab, schools, skilled nursing facilities), and the one thing I have loved about each of them is the people I have met. I love getting to hear their stories, and I love being lucky enough to be one small part of them.

I love independent films, listening to audiobooks, alone time, the Bachelor (don’t judge), working out at the Rec Center (most of the time), *still* learning to ski, fruit tarts and onions…not in that particular order.

Josh works as a self-employed web developer. Bezdek Design became his baby after getting laid off from a job in Denver, and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened because now he has the freedom and flexibility he always wanted (and he moved to Breck, where he met me!). He loves listening to his records, playing guitar, being creative, goofing around, hamaca time, snowboarding, pickles, and working on his stand-up routine…one day.

How It All Started

Ever since I stayed up way too late “sneak reading” “Flowers for Algernon” with a flashlight in 6th grade, I knew I wanted to help people when I grew up. I love that line by Daniel Keyes: “That’s the thing about human life–there is no control group, no way to ever know how any of us would have turned out if any variables had been changed.”

My grown up job as an OT has been about meeting people outside of the control group, with changed and changing variables, people who have lost something and need to regain it. They all come in a wide variety of forms, but they are all seeking a return to independence: in tasks we do everyday as humans, but also in tasks they do every day that makes them THEM. These are our occupations of daily living.

It’s been enlightening, moving, humbling, joyful, hilarious, and heartbreaking – they’ve been the best and hardest experiences I have ever had. I have learned more about accessibility, disability, myself and others from my interactions with the individuals I work with than I ever did in school.

Traveling has always been my other love. It is undoubtedly what makes me ME. I travel as much and as often as I can – anywhere! I love to be curious, to be active, to try new things, to be inspired, to experience beauty, to feel empowered, to enjoy the moment, and to meet other people and hear their stories.

This website is the marrying of my three loves (traveling and working with my web developer husband Josh is the 3rd), a humble attempt to make the world accessible for travelers at heart, those of you seeking the same things I am, who also might just happen to have a disability. It’s written with the idea that information is power; as each person’s abilities and disabilities are their uniquely their own, so the decision of what you are capable is also uniquely your own. I hope my knowledge of assessing accessibility issues in each place will help you make more informed decisions, and hopefully allow you to experience whatever it is you dream of.


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